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Breaking Bad - Confessions Recap

Oh Todd, so polite but so deadly.  He calls “Mr. White” from a cell phone outside a diner, at an unidentified time in the desert.  Todd sweetly mumbles his way through a message to his former employer.  He says, “management has changed” due to “differences in opinion” between him and Declan. 

(Side note – it’s pretty funny that Walt directed the two people he schooled in the art of blue crystal to call him “Mr. White”, like cooking quality meth is something as innocuous as learning high school chemistry.)

Cut to Todd animatedly telling his uncle about the “great train robbery” from the fantastically tense Dead Freight episode from last year.  He’s pretty spot on in his retelling of the story, and in doing so reminds us that Heisenberg is on his way to becoming the stuff of legend – stories passed down from generation to generation.  One big mistake though, he’s using Walt’s real name.  “Mr. White”, not “Heisenberg”.

Todd finishes his story, but strategically leaves out the part where he murdered an innocent eight year old in cold blood.  Guess even professional hitmen Nazis aren’t cool with child casualties.  His uncle looks very pleased and asks Todd if he’s ready, because they’re going to make a lot of money.  Um, yeah, no kidding.  Todd’s already seen that money from the ole Heisenberg days.  If he made even a fraction of what Walt did, he should be sitting pretty right now.  Where’d all that cash go?  But I guess that’s beside the point.

In the restroom, Uncle and his henchman engage in some truly Tarantino worthy mobster banter.  The lament the loss of ‘American things’, like cigarette lighters on airplanes and requiring children to wear bike helmets.  As Uncle reaches down to wipe an errant daub of blood off his shoe, we are reminded of two things.  One – these men are careless.  They are not meticulous about their work like Gus Fring or Walter White.  They are loose cannons.  And Two – let’s remember that these are the guys who actually orchestrated the hit on 9 guys in prison in the span of 2 minutes.  Them.  Not Walt.  Walt was the bankroll, but these Nazi mofos got the job done. 

Apparently the Loose Cannon Gang is headed to New Mexico.  For some reason I’m getting a feeling that these scenes with Todd and Co. are flash forwards, but I could definitely be wrong.

Back in New Mexico, Jesse rolls his eyes to partial attention as Hank enters the room and turns off the camera. Even after Hank reveals what he knows about Walt, Jesse says he won’t talk.  In fact, he has some choice words for Hank, which include “eat me” and taunts regarding the time Hank massacred his face.  Saul busts in and takes control, making a call and getting Jesse out of there. 

Walt, as usual, is on the other end of Saul’s frantic call.  Walt barks “make it happen” and then hangs up, because he hears Junior come in the door.  Walt lunges for Skyler’s makeup drawer, and like a pro he rapidly shakes it with a finger over the top.  He has a few issues with the application though, and gives up on the operation altogether when Junior states he’s going to help Aunt Marie.  Walt stops him in his tracks with an atomic guilt bomb.  His cancer is back. Poor Junior hasn’t had much time in these past few episodes, and I’m starting to wonder what his reaction is going to be when he finds out what his dad is really up to.  Crisis averted, and cancer used to Walt’s benefit yet again.  (Cancer Excuse: 1, Marie: 0).

Later that evening, Walt sits in front of a camera, and Skyler says “are you sure about this?”.  He responds,  “It’s the only way.”  He sits to record his confession, which begins in a very similar manner to his confession at the beginning of the first episode.  I wonder if it’s the same video camera?  I hope he recorded over the one from the desert. 

Walt and Skyler sit in wait for Hank and Marie at a Mexican restaurant, looking ready to pounce.  Marie and Hank enter.  Marie is no longer in her traditional purple, but has switched to an all-black ensemble.  Recently, BB creator Vince Gilligan hinted in his interview on the Nerdist podcast that Marie might be ‘changing’ before the end of the series, and I feel that this is definitely an indication of what’s to come with her character. 

When everyone is settled at the table, mourners on one side, khaki casual on the other, Walt asks in no uncertain terms for Hank to leave the family alone.  The abnormally cheery waiter keeps interjecting, failing to notice the gravity at the table. Marie calmly suggests that Walt kill himself, but Hank cant accept that.  Hank grits his teeth and growls threats at both Walt and Skyler. Then, in a move only fitting the man he has become, Walt slaps down the blue cased DVD in response and walks out. 

Marie and Hank watch the entirety of the video standing.  Walt drops his bombshell early on in the video.  He has no qualms about framing Hank for his own crimes, (with the exception of the flawless chemistry of course).  And he has the goods to prove it.  Walt uses real life examples as points of reference for his story.  Hank was there from the get go, taking him on the ride-along, dealing with the Mexican cousins, and taking trips to Gus’s laundry.  But the real bombshell is the 177k in medical bills that can be traced to Walt’s drug money, directly incriminating the Schraders.  

Naïve Marie still thinks that Hank should show the video to the DEA.  Hank is floored by the money, with a look of pure shock on his face.  Marie crumples into a chair.  She must’ve known this was coming since her conversation with Skyler.  Hank realizes that he has no recourse.  He is a defeated man. 

Jesse and Saul wait for Walt in the desert.  A tarantula squiggles by.  Walt arrives and checks Saul’s car for a tracker.  Saul lets Walt know what’s up and shows him a tracker-detecting contraption.  Walt sends Saul on a walk while he talks to Jesse.  Jesse lets Walt know what he knows about Hank.  He doesn’t think Hank told the DEA.  The two partners talk, and Jesse lets Walt know he’s onto the “concerned dad thing”.  Jesse separates himself from Walt, and confronts him with what he knows to be true - Walt killed Mike, and if Jesse doesn’t follow through with what he’s asking, he knows he’s headed that way too.  Walt slowly saunters over to Jesse and hugs him, another entry in the running for Most Awkward Hug in BB History.  Jesse sobs, and Walt has an unreadable expression on his face. 

At the car wash, Skyler tells Walt that they are in the clear.  She looks like she is lit by angels, while Walt lurks in the dark shadows of the office. 

Hank is back at the office and Gomie gives him a hard time about a tail he had put on Jesse Pinkman.  Hank says to take the guys off the case, and then leaves for a walk. 

Saul and Jesse agree to make the call for a very specific vacuum part.  Saul indicates – “Specialty.  Pick up.  Hot but not too hot.  Currently out on bail.”  That’s no vacuum I’ve ever heard of.  He tells Jesse to get ready, and Jesse lights a joint.  Saul stresses about the doobie, and Jesse puts it out.  Jesse squeezes past Huell as he leaves, and those lightning fast sausage fingers go into action.

Jesse waits at some odd but beautiful concrete structure at the side of the highway, waiting for his ride to a new life as an Eskimo in Alaska who says ‘bitch’ a lot.  He notices his joint and his stash are both gone, and goes mental with the sudden realization that Huell had taken the ricin all those months ago.  Walt had played him for a fool, and he had believed it.  He shakes with rage as he walks away from the promise of a new life and towards a showdown. 

Jesse tears into Saul’s office, bypassing Huell and giving Saul a swift beating.  He grabs the gun and brandishes it like a wild man with nothing to lose.  His face is a ball of raw emotion, shaking with rage, eyes bulging with fury.  For a moment, Jesse appears to almost pull the trigger on Saul, but instead steals Saul’s car.  He leaves the duffle of cash behind him.  Even while gushing blood, Saul notifies Walt.  Now that’s a lawyer. 

At the car wash, Walt screeches up to the door, saying he wants to check the soda machine.  He lies to Skyler, grabbing the frozen gun hidden in the soda machine.  As usual, Skyler knows something is up.  Why doesn’t he just tell her the truth?  Does he think it will take too much time? Because obviously there’s nothing to hide from her anymore. 

Apparently Walt didn’t get to the gun fast enough.  Jesse’s rampage brings him to the Walt household.  He grabs a can of gasoline out of the trunk and kicks in the door, splashing gas all over the knick knacks and dated furniture…..

Five episodes left. 

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