Thursday, October 30, 2014

5 Reasons Why - Hocus Pocus is the Best Halloween Movie. Ever.

As a kid, I loved 'Hocus Pocus'. Admittedly, I was squarely in the target demographic for the movie at the time, being a 10 year old kid who loved Halloween, but I recently watched it and I truly believe that it held up over the past two decades.  It not only holds up, but I’m going out on a limb here and declaring it the BEST Halloween movie of all time. Here’s why.

One – This movie is actually horrifying. Well, the premise is horrifying.  Three witches are able to achieve immortality by literally sucking the lives out of little children.  This is happening IN A MOVIE MADE FOR CHILDREN.  Mind.  Blown.

Two – Sarah Jessica Parker.  I’d argue that SJP’s portrayal of the youngest Sanderson Sister is the best comedic performance of her career.  She’s totally hilarious as a doddering, boy-crazy idiot.  (You know, kind of like Carrie Bradshaw…but only funnier and more likeable.) SJP goes for broke, her giggly positivity drawing attention to her character in scenes where she could just basically be considered a throwaway background sight gag.  She clutches at her corseted chest for emphasis when she’s excited, stuffs giant spiders in her mouth, and uses noise effects instead of words to convey her emotions. And, oh yeah.  She flies on a broom while singing.  Crazy amazing.

Carrie Bradshaw would totally covet this dress.
She'd probably wear it to brunch.
Three – Talking cat. Binx is actually a super realistic talking cat, especially for the 90’s, an era notorious for frequently god-awful digital animation. Interesting Bonus Fact: The cat was created by Rhythm & Hues, a digital effects company that went on to win a technical Oscar almost twenty years later for their ground-breaking 3D work in ‘Life of Pi’.  #TheMoreYouKnow

Four – Misunderstandings with culture.  The Sanderson Sisters have been locked away from the world for 300 years.  It’s always fun to see how characters react when they’re out of their element.  They gawk at the seeming sorcery of a lighter (“He makes fire in his hand!”), balk at a paved road (“a black river!”), and are awestruck by a kitchen (“a torture chamber!”).  In one super weird sequence, the Sisters stop at a house of a couple giving out candy for Halloween and discover the magic of television, Cheetos, hair curlers, and a vacuum. They’re also delightfully confused by everyday slang, such as when the man of the house says he wants to introduce them to his ‘little woman’.  Super Creepy Bonus Fact: The ‘couple’ is played by IRL siblings Garry and Penny Marshall.  Ew. That’s creepy no matter what century it’s in.

Five – BooooOooook.  Watch this, and I dare you to not want to howl that at any old paperback novel lying around your house.  I have no shame in admitting that I’ve belted out this mournful wail on more than one occasion when I’ve misplaced a book lying around my house.  It’s super fun and satisfying to do.  Now go do it!

Happy Halloween!!!

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