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5 Reasons Why - A Workaholics & Always Sunny Crossover Needs to Happen

Television history has given us some classic crossover episodes.  A few months ago, Family Guy and The Simpsons released a long-awaited crossover episode and it was glorious.  Quahog met Springfield, a massive and superbly chaotic chicken fight was had, and all was right and good within the very small universe of animated dysfunctional families. (Cue the ‘It’s A Small World’ music.)

However, back in the larger world of dysfunctional live action – it’s totally time for the Workaholics and Always Sunny gangs to meet.

See? Here's evidence.
They're totally curious.
 Let's make this happen.
(I'm so serious, I wrote a haiku caption.)
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C’mon, they air on the same night, so it’s a safe bet that you’re already watching both shows.  If you’re not, you should be.  There are a bunch of great parallels that can be drawn between the two. Each one is reliably hilarious and comprised mostly of standalone episodes.  The lack of plot is a refreshing change of pace, as is the characters steadfast refusal to conform to traditional societal responsibilities. Seriously, who needs to be an adult when you can drink all day, execute endless hare-brained schemes, and live by your own rules?  People on TV, that’s who.

Full disclosure: I wish I had half of the conviction and moxie of the characters on these shows.  If they wanted a crossover to happen, they’d do something about it.  So, riding high off a snow day binge of Netflix, coffee, and Starburst I present to you – 5 Reasons Why A Workaholics and Always Sunny crossover needs to happen.

One – Nothing is taboo.  Both shows are rooted in humble beginnings as ambitious series initially created independently, without a network. Therefore the premise of each series is devoid of any corporate tinkering or censorship.  Thankfully the networks that picked up these shows have continued the ‘anything goes’ lead of the series creators and allowed each show to do its own thing.  Which brings us to…

Two – Booze.  So.  Much.  Booze.  And drugs.  But mostly booze.  Each cast of characters is completely comprised of a group of functional alcoholics.  This conceit is delightfully addressed in two separate ‘Very Special Episodes’: Dry Guys (S2E2, Workaholics) and The Gang Gets Quarantined (S9E7, Always Sunny).  Only, um, the episodes aren’t exactly ‘special’ because no one learns any life lessons, and everyone decides to wholeheartedly embrace their lives as alcoholics at the end.  Oh, also there’s no cheesy 90’s music blaring in the background. 

C'mon Kelly, just do it.  Nike says so.
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Don’t try to deny that watching these two crews go toe-to-toe at the bar would be epic.  And what bar would they be drinking at?  As if you even had to ask….

Three – Paddy’s Pub. You know that you not only want to see these characters drink together, you definitely want to see them drink together at that iconic trash dump of a bar in Philly.  What are they doing?  I’m not too sure, but I love the idea of a plot involving Dennis convincing Anders to seduce a clueless and probably drunk Dee (for completely self-motivated reasons, of course).  Charlie tries to rope Blake into doing all the 'Charlie Work' around the bar, but they end up huffing spray paint and/or getting stoned in the basement.  Meanwhile, Karl collaborates with Frank in a scheme to import medicinal marijuana from California to Philly.  Mac and Adam are so obviously in on the venture if only to provide security detail. Karate kicks, sock huffing, chugging contests, and hilarity ensue.  

Four – Anders and Dennis.  Speaking of Anders, he’s basically just Dennis in training.  Sure, he’s currently got a a good deal more heart than Dennis does, but with the right amount of guidance he could become a full-fledged menace to society.  The duo could unleash a smarmy, vaguely sinister brand of charm all over the East Coast.  Anders is the wingman Dennis never knew he always wanted, and in a crossover he’d be right there for the manipulating. 

Five – The episode could be an entire HOUR long. Instead of being limited to 30 minutes with each show, it’s 60 minutes of BOTH.  TOGETHER.  Two for one.  It's not only great for entertainment, it's totally a savvy business decision.  Frank would totally approve.

What’s the hold up?  Comedy Central + FXX = Let’s make this happen bitches.

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  1. A third game of Chardee McDennis with the telamericorp crew would be fucking awesome