Monday, June 7, 2010

Craving = Satisfied

Now that I live out in the boondocks, I have lost many things. The ability to shop for anything at all past 9:30pm, free weekly trash pickup, a delightful sliver of an ocean view, being within walking distance of my sister, and the occasional gang shooting on my front lawn. I didn't say they were all good things, now did I?

Principal among the things that I actually miss is my favorite southern comfort food restaurant. Oooooh gooey baked mac and cheese, collared greens and crispy hot fried chicken.

What do I do when I have a craving? I want to satisfy that bitch ASAP.

My lazy ass 'southern' meal:

boxed mac and cheese + frozen popcorn chicken + quick chopped broccoli = instant deliciousness

I promise my blog will become less like a ghetto version of the food network in upcoming posts.


  1. Damn girl you made my mouth water! Gimme a double helpin of them greens!

  2. OMG you have shops open past 9.00pm there ? I'm so moving to America. And you can buy Popcorn chicken without going to KFC. Double bonus!

  3. I think you're on to something. Maybe that's exactly what the food network needs. Get your pitch ready...

  4. I can't buy anything after about 9:00 pm here, and I live an easy walk to the town.

    And, anyway, that's actually better for you than the stuff you're really craving... So, it isn't all bad.

  5. Where the fuck did you move hoe?

  6. I'm wearing my wife beater right now & playing with my ally-gator sounds like some good ole cooking to me!

  7. @Southern Sage: If by greens you mean frozen brocoli, come on over! There's plenty to be had!

    @Quilting: Hahaha! Yes you can buy popcorn chicken, but it is frozen. Not as crispy as I would like, but convienience is always key when it comes to my cravings.

    @DG:'s the next pitch. Protein snack. Step One: Get (preferably clean) spoon. Step Two: Open jar of (preferably chunky) peanut butter. Step Three: Make jar and spoon meet. Step Four: Put spoon in mouth. Think I'll get the show?

    @Toriz: This is true! I thought about this while I was making it....but then helped myself to a double helping, so completely defeated that benefit.

    @CB: Ugh. The suburbs of CT. This is in a state where most stores don't sell liquor past 8 or on Sundays even in large cities. Yep. Close to fucking horrific. But I'm managing via my new friend, the frozen food aisle.

    @Mr. Monkey: Awesome! Bring the gator. Is he for cooking or friending?

  8. You could still walk to my house! Might just take a bit... ps. your meal does not look very tasty. the chickens look like balls of sweet potato.

  9. Sweet potato? I love sweet potato! Although it wouldn't go to well with Annies....

    Also, I love you bunches, but I wouldn't be able to walk to your house if I tried! There would have to be lots of 'Melt' goodness at the end of the rainbow!