Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Buffalo x 8 = Sentence!

I recently discovered quite possibly the most amazing sentence in the English language. Better than 'Have you lost weight?'. Maybe even better than 'Free drinks for everyone!' Light years ahead of that nutty palindrome 'Able was I, ere I saw Elba.'

I'm talking about a sentence that defies everything of what I think a sentence should be. A sentence that took me a good twenty minutes to fully understand.

'Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.'

Now I can't stop saying it.

For a complete explanation you can click on over to here where my good friends at wikipedia broke it down for me in basic terms.

But if one is to believe the message of the sentence, there are some seriously pissy buffalo in Buffalo, NY. Someone has to get over there and do some serious counseling and peacemaking. Especially for animals with such sensitive looking faces but potentially deadly weaponry upon their noggins. It could spell disaster for the buffalo population of upstate New York!


P.S. Upon sending the link to the wikipedia article to my lovely mother, she responded with an e-mail ending in the signature 'Mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom....sooooo not a sentence!' She's adorable!


  1. If this is the case I weep for the state of the English language.

    Interesting post though, more so because I actually pondered this sentence. Maybe I'm just up past my bedtime. :)

  2. The English language is rather messed up, isn't it?