Thursday, January 27, 2011

Righteous Hilarity Brought To You By Annoying Airhorn!

You wouldn't think that having a bedroom window overlook a busy intersection would be beneficial.'re right. It has zero benefits. And in the two places Chris and I have lived we have had the misfortune of a bedroom situated in the most inconvenient quadrant of living space. As the two of us are basically nocturnal, this has historically been something of a problem. Going to sleep when the 'normal' world greets the day may be acceptable when living in a sun dappled cabin miles away from civilization or when having a job that necessitates a 6am bedtime such as a nursing shift.

Of course instead of joining the ranks of regularly snoozing society, we suffer through the screech of Britney Spears from an open window, a siren call of a bickering couple with the window down, the jarring thump of floor vibrating bass (someone please tell me how the hell that's enjoyable inside the car?), piercing blasts emitted from garbage trucks, the chalkboard scrape of snowplows, etc etc....

Inventing nonsensical games helps ease the insomnia.

Enter Airhorn!

I cannot take credit for this amazing idea. One day, fed up with all of the crazies on the streets of South Norwalk, Chris was prompted with an idea.

Chris: "What if whenever anyone did something that is completely unacceptable, like raping the worlds ears with a jacked up demo of their techno band through open car windows, we just ran up to them with an airhorn and blasted it right in their face!"

Me: (after laughing has subsided) "Yes! Can we do that please?"

Chris: "We should totally have a TV show! Call it 'Annoying Airhorn'. I would watch that show."

So the question is - Who wants to fund the pilot season of 'Annoying Airhorn'? I figure the bulk of the budget will be in legal fees to battle restraining order and breach of peace charges. Small price to pay for righteous hilarity.


  1. While I'm with you on the annoyingness (is that a word? *Shrugs*) I'm afraid that funding such a programme isn't possible for me, and I doubt I'd watch it if someone else funded it. But, hey, I'm sure it would make you feel better.

  2. I've just sent you the nine dollars that I have in my wallet. I like the idea.