Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The 'Grand Scheme'

So, the past three days have passed without incident. I have managed to appease AB(for now) with a few no-sugar added fudgicles and a helping of calorie-free laughter. (I suppose one could even make the argument that laughter burns calories...not enough to build muscle or shed unwanted poundage though, but I digress...)

As my first task to ward off the evil machinations of AB, I have begun to stockpile a mental and physical list of things that I can keep myself occupied with. Doing this is comparable to one of the first steps that occur when clients walk through the door where I work. Create a treatment plan.

Side Note: For the purposes of this blog, I am going to call the 'treatment plan' the 'grand scheme', because....well, because quite frankly the terminology is boring and stale and doesn't motivate me to get off my ass. 'Scheme' almost makes it seem like what I'm doing is incredibly important, like I need a covert special ops team to help me in my quest. I could be getting ahead of myself, but in truth the term 'grand scheme' has got me aaaaawfully excited! (Hmmm, thought for the day: Possibly start using the term 'grand scheme' with my clients.)

So, creation of 'grand scheme' Act One was basically outlined in the end of my last blog. Shut up the negativity regularly doled out by the renegade part of my brain. This scheme involves keeping my mind, body and soul satiated by feeding them things that will make them happy and healthy. Keep myself occupied, consistently going strong, so that HB and AB don't have down time to chit chat.

Act One, Scene One: This was something small that I alluded to at the beginning of this post. Stay happy. Stay smiling. Elevate my soul with giggles and guffaws. So, I have been watching pretty much nothing but funny stuff on TV and DVD, and also ordered a few books that promise to be humorous from Two things I can't recommend highly enough are Better Off Ted on ABC on Tuesday nights, and a stand up special by this guy Aziz Ansari that recently aired on Comedy Central. Hiiiiilarious. (Also a healthy dose of Family Guy and The Office reruns never hurt anyone).

Act One, Scene Two: Continue to remain excited about and employ creativity while eating healthy. Albeit, it's only day three, but I have been compiling thoughts for simplistic recipes that rely heavily on veggies and healthy fats that South Beach permits. I am shooting to create or revise at least one new recipe each week. Today was eggplant 'lasagna', with thin eggplant slices substituting for the pasta, and chopped tomatoes standing in for the sauce. Minimal effort for filling and (relatively) delicious results! Revision TBA.

Act One, Scene Three: Get thee to a gym! Oh boy. I've added Scene One and Scene Two, which seem easy enough to maintain at the moment but once Scene Three begins all hell might break loose in the ole noggin. Exercise leads me to generally expect quick and easy results, especially if the stage has been set with sustained goals. Now, patience is what I need. That's when things circle back around to Scene One, keeping myself occupied so time passes quickly. The tentative goal is to start my workout plan on Saturday afternoon.

There's more to be written on my grand scheme, but that's all for now. If there's any rule to be had, I believe that it would be to not rush things. Good wine takes time to age, Rome wasn't built in a day, a souffle doesn't rise if you don't give it the proper time...mmmmm...souffle....Argh! Damn you AB!

Ok, time for some comedy.

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