Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Motivation to Keep Going Left

What finally brought me to the gym you ask? Why, I'll tell you.

Driving home today in my car, I was toying with the idea of to go or not to go. To take the left hand ramp off Exit 15, or the right hand ramp. I've been seeing that ramp in my minds eye every day upon leaving work. Today I was deep in thought about that damned ramp and all of a sudden I became aware that the Who's 'Baba O' Reilly' (aka: 'Teenage Wasteland') was on the radio.

For a split nanosecond I could feel myself jogging down the straightaway of a track, deeply inhaling razor sharp frozen air. Huh? Is my body so starved for exercise that it's forcing me to hallucinate jogging as a possible substitute? And why was it so cold? Then, I realized. I had listened to this song a billion times while jogging in the past as it was on a workout mix I had made my junior year in college. Okay fate. I get the hint. So I'm guessing this is the day that you want me to finally get to the gym.

Off I drove. Once I had made the decision, I didn't even really need to think about which direction I was driving on the ramp. Left. Left is where my exercise regime started today, and I would like to think I will continue to choose left from here on out.

My workout was okay, I havent worked out in awhile so I need to get back in shape. But I suppose choosing to go left is a start.

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