Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Brain versus Angry Brain

Ahhh the first day of making a change. When everything seems so new and fresh, and eerily possible.

After a day of relative success with making positive eating choices, my mind slowly veers to the inevitable thought that always plagues me when undertaking a large project with no discernable end.

When am I going to fail?

Some might say that I am thinking negatively, that just by thinking I might fail I am in essence setting myself up for failure. But I can't help myself. In the battle between my positive, sweet, upbeat side of my brain, and the negative, naysaying, angry side of my brain, the negative side usually wins. There's totally a dialogue between these two entities, and it goes something like this:

Happy Brain: "This is going to be soooo great! We're gonna feel amazing, our health will be better, and we can think up some cool recipes!!! Yaaaay!"

Angry Brain: "Bah! This always lasts like a day or two and then something is frustrating, depressing, stressful or life is just too busy and we'll go back to the way things were."

HB: "But if we follow the plan, things will go fine! It's gonna be difficult, but we'll have some great rewards in the end."

AB: "Rewards? What? By ignoring that delicious chocolate? We used to reward ourselves with chocolate, and it used to be wonderful. You know we want the chocolate. Go get the chocolate. Chocolate chocolate chooooocolate!!!"

HB: "Arg! I hate you! You're terrible! Chocolate is delicious, but I can go without the super fattening chocolate for now. We don't need it to survive."

AB: "There are so many other obstacles to success and you think you will be able to overtake all of them? You fool! Get the chocolate!"

At this point, AB gets even angrier and tries to jump over and silence HB, and a wave of tiredness and resignation ensues. AB wins.

So, goal for this week: I am taking AB and attempting to shut that bitch up.

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  1. I wonder what a convo between HT and YT would sound like.