Saturday, March 13, 2010

Curious Grocery Frog

Sometimes I like to wonder about inanimate objects....

Lone plastic frog on the floor of the grocery store. At midnight. Where did he come from? Where was he going? Why is he so damned happy?

I'll never find out because I just snapped a picture of him and went on my merry way to get a frozen pizza.

Also, plastic frogs can't talk.


  1. I always wonder about the shoes on the side of the road. how did they get there? was someone driving around and suddenly thought "Hey, I have wayyy to many shoes, I need to get rid of some. starting right now. with you." ? and then chuck one out? curious.

  2. Hahaha! One of my clients told me he lost a shoe when he was out drinking the other night. Possibly flinging his shoes off in joy, possessed by the vodka-ly spirit? Maybe trying (and failing) to do an impression of Lord of the Dance? Who can be sure. I think what goes on in my head might be better than knowing the actual answer.

    Also, you may have had a close call with a lost shoe once or twice yourself there "Cinderella"!

  3. Dude, I love it!

    Short, funny and a mind fuck all in one!!!

  4. Thanks Crazy Brunette!

    I'd love to hear where you think the frog came from. Something tells me that you'd have quite the awesome opinion!

  5. I would assume some kid smuggled it out of the dog bed at home, by way of shoving it in to his/her diaper like they did in RugRats...

    Then the kid had to shit, figured their Mom would be pissed so they pulled it out of hiding and threw it on the floor so as not to be caught red handed and shitty pants-ed. <--- Is that a word???

  6. I think that is a word. Just might not be in the dictionary yet. We can make it happen.

  7. haha so i found you on crazy brunettes page and i have to're pretty funny! love your blog :)

  8. Thanks Christina! Your blog is quite awesome too! Love the use of the word 'oodling'.