Saturday, March 20, 2010

To Avoid Any Confusion, I Use A Plastic Mouse

My, my, now what do we see here?

I am exhausted, as today Chris and I started the arduous process of schlepping (did I spell that right?) all our worldly possessions from point A to point B. Thats right kids, time to move.

Also time to listen to radio at 5am and be thinking you heard things because the guy on the airwaves just said that people are making computer mice out of REAL, LIVE MICE.

My heart screamed out to me. "No, that can't be true!"

But my brain, no matter how tired knew better and googled that ridiculousness when I got home.

The fabulous people at have provided any aspiring taxidermist/murderer with detailed and gruesome instructions.

I wonder what will happen to them in hell....


  1. Oh gosh, that is truly horrible. I didn't go to the link, I couldn't bear to, but it sounds bad enough.

    I was chatting to someone before who thought it was completely okay to kill a bat with a tennis racket essentially just for fun. I honestly do not know what the world is coming to.

  2. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...I did actually click on the link. If you have a [hardware] mouse to put inside of a [real] mouse, then why would you need to do this? I'm assuming it's a novelty item, but that is incredibly disgusting an disturbing. I'd rather just have a [hardware] mouse that was painted up and shaped like a real mouse--not one with fur and stuff.

    Do you think the fur starts to rub off where you click after a while? I'll bet it does. Gross.

  3. Ummmmm I like how they call it 'a functional work of art' In the words of Michele Tanner 'How rude!'

  4. That is just unnecessary and disturbing. I hope no one really has this on their desk.

  5. Shinxy: That is disturbing about the bat. Although if a bat was attacking me, I can't say exactly what I would do. I cannot be held accountable for my actions if attacked by a bat.

    TB: I did not have the chance to wonder about the fur. But now that you bring it to my attention its all I can think about! Ahhh! Gross!

    Jordan: Mary Kate or Ashley?

    Jacob: I wish it wasn't so. It appears that it is true....

  6. This post wins the "yick factor" post of the week award (not that there really is an award but if there was you would totally win it). Wow. I am filing this website in the same category as that show "Jackass", which I recently came across. The category called "Who the F*ck are these people. AKA, People who are even weirder than me. Great blog Rainey and thanks for visiting mine, also

  7. OH. GOD.

    I just fucking ate hoe! That is disgusting shit.

  8. That is disgusting! I wouldn't even want to touch it! EWWW!

  9. I apologize to all for the 'yick' factor (thanks Chicken's Consigliere!) of this post. I will promise to try not to blog while exhausted in the future.

    For the record, I did say 'try'.

  10. Oh no, Rainey. I did not say STOP posting about yick things. I think we all need to be aware of these things-how else are we to avoid them? I get the shudders just thinking about coming across that website on my own. Poor you. You took the hit.

  11. Hahaha. And then blogged it for all to see! I find that sharing things like that takes away the horror a bit. But then others suffer....

    It is facinating in a 'who are these people?! and what was so horrible about their childhoods?' type of way.